A.O.C. Lalande de Pomerol

Château Bois de Laborde - Cuvée prestige

Produced from the oldest plots of the property, this cuvée/vintage is the fruit of a long-term job. Concentration, elegance and refinement are the key-words for this long keeping wine.

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Château Bois de Laborde - Croix des Hospitalier

The second wine of the property is called « croix des hospitaliers » referring to history. At the XIIth century, the Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta) settled in a town : Lalande de Pomerol where the commanderie built a church, as a testimony of their time and of our history.

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Château Bois de Laborde - Acte Premier

Originally acte premier was intended as an entertainment. Some barrels at the back of the cellar in 2011, much work , patience, curiosity and love gave birth to this first attempt, this first story, this first act.

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Château Bois de Laborde - Acte Deux

This test intends to be unique and surprising as its « older brother » . Acte deux differs by its unusual blending, majority of Cabenet Franc and Cabernet Sauvugnon. A real rebel of Libourne area, telling its own story.

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Château Bois de Laborde - Acte Trois

2015 was such a generaous millesime in Libourne area that renewing this entertainment became obvious. Acte trois just like its two eldest has adopted this philosophy of « cousu main », an expert-job.

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A.O.C. Puisseguin Saint-Emilion

Château Histoire de France

Situated in the named-place Laborie, in the village of Puisseguin Saint Emilion, south faced parcel, planted exclusively with single grape : Merlot. This singleness expresses itself intensely fruity as a « fruit ball ».

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A.O.C. Castillon – Côtes de Bordeaux

Château Histoire de France

Made on parcels of land at a place called Saint Philippe d’Aiguilhe, this wine combines minerality, fruitiness, roundness and smoothness.

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Vin de Pays de l'Atlantique

Tiffany rosé

This delicious rosé was deliberatly elaborated as an atypical wine. The oak barrel ageing for two-four months will keep the Tiffany rosé longer while still providing a long degree of originality.

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